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terrorism advisor under his watch. became the first american targeted for death by u.s. drone strikes in yemen. his son and another american killed weeks later. an unclassified memo leaked this week says it is legal for the government to kill u.s. citizens abroad if he believes there are leaders engaged in operations aimed at killing americans even if there's no evidence of a specific imminent attack. 11 senators most of them demanded the white house provide legal justification. there is bipartisan concern about the program. >> here you have a senior unaccountable doj official who makes the determination that recent activities lead him to conclude he's an imminent threat. not to torture him but to kill him. i am troubled any time government is as nontransparent as this. >> we conduct those strikes because they are necessary to mitigate on going national threats. and again, save american lives. these strikes are legal. they are ethical and they are wise. >> at the direction of president obama, the justice department will give that secret memo to members of the house and senate intellig
headlines on the hill, another hearing focused on the u.s. consulate attack in libya that left a u.s. ambassador and three other americans dead. defense secretary will testify. >>> a team of top house democrats will unveil their gun control proposals. call for assault weapons ban and similar to what's in president obama's plan. and speaking of president obama, the president will meet with house democrats today. his second day selling his second term agenda to law makers in a retreat for democrats. they will gather in virginia. the president is trying to build support on issues ranging from the economy to immigration to guns. just days before his state of the union address. >> massive military budget cuts are taking their toll in a very high profile way. defense secretary has signed off on cutting the aircraft carrier fleet from 2 to 1. the move is creating havoc for families in norfolk, virginia. home to the uss harriet truman. now have deployments canceled. many already had given up apartment leases and cell phones but now scrambling to find back up plans. two aircraft carrier group
and u.s. troops in flames after a nuclear attack. it also says north korea conducts test because of u.s. hostility. shows a blasing fire over footage of the president and ends with a nuclear device exploding under ground. the united nations is under going sanctions following the actual nuclear test earlier this movement >>> china is denying a report by a virginia company that the chinese army is responsible for stealing massive amounts of u.s. government data and trade secrets by hacking into u.s. computers. china also says the report does not show proof but the virginia firm names this building near shanghai that is home to a chinese cyber espionage unit. the chinese hackers are not only getting business information. they are also hacking pentagon contractors. >> when it hit the defense and steal documents, word documents, powerpoint documents, when they hit the private sector blue chip companies that are doing mergers and acquisitions, we see targeted threats against the e-mail. >> the democratic chair said this clearly demonstrates a need to pass cyber security legislation as soon as
five times by protestors. brennan says the drones are only used on planned attacks against the u.s. against citizens. >> i never believe it's better to kill a terrorist than to detain him. we want to detain them to solicit the intelligence from them so we can disrupt follow on attacks. >> the chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein says she wants to open more of the hearings to the public. >>> today president obama honors leon panetta. the tribute will take place at joint base meyer henderson. in the meantime, panetta made news yesterday when he said for the first time the pentagon backed the idea of giving arms to rebels in syria. it's been reported hillary clinton and former cia director petraeus asked the white house for permission to arm the syrian rebels but were denied. >>> to d.c. politics now, the city's ethics board says it will not pursue evidence i found against council member jim graham. the board says further action cannot be taken because the incident happened before the ethics board was created. however, a federal grand jury is investigating
in the conclave will be unprecedented with 11 from the u.s., second only to italy. there's growing interest in the possibility of an american successor, too. >> anything is possible. i think it's considered more likely than it has been in the past. there are no nominees, no primaries. it's just as likely that there would be someone who didn't appear on any of the lists at all. >> reporter: cardinals will be heading to rome in the coming days and will be there for pope benedict's final appearances. at washington's basilica, jennifer davis, fox news. >>> that mass is one of two special masses that will honor pope benedict. the first is today at 12:10 p.m. at saint matthew's cathedral. it honors the feast of the chair of st. peter, the first pope. then the one on sunday, the mass of thanksgiving for the current pope, is at about silica of the national shrine. >>> will the military's push to become more inclusive towards one group of people make it more discriminatory against another? >> and after the break, are you familiar with this little guy? he's getting more press and attention from the p
seen as active defiance cause the u.s. ordered north korea to shut down. in response to the debt nation, the security council will hold an emergency meeting today. the white house has condemned the act calling it quote highly provocative. the president said requires swift action by the international community. >> the president's day begins with that international crisis, it will end with the speech on the state of the economy and gun control. the president will deliver his 4th state of the union address. sarah joins us with a preview. >> sources say the president will layout an aggressive agenda for the year ahead. the speech may also layout battle lines and the republican led house of rupttives. tonight's speech will be heavy on the economy following up on the themes the president touched on. that means, a push for higher tax wills and more spending for infrastructure and education. especially with the looming battle over sequestration. immigration reform may also play a prominent roll. republicans say the presidencies his chance at the gop. >> his idea now, his political objective now
was postpone odd. senators are demanding more details about drone strikes and the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. and a vote tomorrow on chuck hagel's nomination needs 60 votes to pass. >> a virginia couple will spend valentine's day rolling in the money. and today we'll find out who they are. winning $217 million power ball ticket at richmond airport will come forward to claim the prize this afternoon. second largest jackpot ever won in the old dominion. >> at the airport? >> yeah. >> i love it. congratulations. >>> mother monster, she's going under the knife. we're going to tell you why lady gaga had to cancel tour and what it means for anyone with tickets to her dc show. >> and a popular boom. how many neighbors you could have in the next few decades. that would be a population boom. >> some folks are popular i guess. first though, big changes coming to the skies. what it will mean for passengers and your ticket prices. >> ♪ . >> here's a live look outside. traffic seems to be moving okay there. but there are a lot of problems out there this morning. the latest forecast and weath
in 50 adults overseas and could be available in the u.s. later this year. they're calling it the bionic eye. that's amazing. >> it is amazing. >> that is one field where some really fantastic strides are being made in terms of vision repair, vision restoration. still a long way to go, depending on the disease, but they're really making great strides. >> it's hard to imagine living and doing without sight. but so many people do it well. but it would be nice to make advances. >> yeah. >> what's going on out there today? >> a lot of weather to talk about. action packed day and weekend here potentially. let's get right to it. this morning looks fine. no issues with the morning commute. just on the cold side with some sunshine. 37 now at reagan national. 32 boston. 30 columbus. we're going to warm up into the low 50s today. don't be fooled. when you get a one-day warmup and cold air behind the frontal system arriving later this afternoon and tonight. morning satellite and radar looks fine. nice and quiet at the moment. partly sunny here for the next couple of hours, then the clouds will roll
. in afghanistan, president karzai wants u.s. special forces out of a key province. he's accuses them of working with afghan citizens to torture and even murder people in the region. the u.s. has rejected the claims u.s. forces carried out any such crimes. >>> secretary of state john kerry has arrived in london. it's the first stop on a nine country trip. it's his first official overseas mission as secretary of state. this morning he sat down with british prime minister david cameron to discuss the situation in syria and iran's nuclear program. >>> in cuba, the end of the castro era is in sight. yesterday president raul castro began his second term, but announced it will be his last. castro says his country is at a place where it's ready for a younger generation to lead. >>> today begins the last work week for pope benedict xvi. the 85-year-old pontiff is set to retire thursday night. yesterday he delivered his final public blessing in st. peter's square, telling the crowd, "god told me to go." he reassured the world's 1.2 billion catholics that his decision to retire does not mean he's abandoni
and two were killed. reports of several injuries. again, an explosion near the u.s. embassy in the capital of turkey. we'll bring you pdates as soon as we get them. >>> more breaking news now, this time from new york city. that is where former mayor ed koch has died from congestive heart failure. he had been in and out of the hospital throughout month of january, suffering from fluid in his lungs and legs. he was readmitted monday with shortness of breath. but doctors moved him into intensive care yesterday. koch served for three terms from 1978 through 1989, and is credited with saving the city from financial ruin. ed koch was 88 years old. >>> the man wanted for shooting a school bus driver and kidnapping a 5-year-old boy in alabama is still holed up in an underground shelter. negotiators continue to talk to the man identified as jimmy lee dikes through a 4-inch pipe. investigators say dykes has strong anti-government views and the shooting of the bus driver may have been a hate crime. meanwhile, the community continues to hold out hope for the hostage, gathering for a series of village
to libya when the u.s. consulate was attacked last september. he also said for the first time, or he said for the first time that the defense department supported arming rebels in syria. that's a direct contrast to the official position of the obama administration. >>> funeral services will be held at arlington cemetery today for a virginia soldier. 28-year-old sergeant aaron whitman was a graduate of the citadel. he was on his second deployment to afghanistan when he was killed last month. he was the first u.s. combat casualty of the year. he was based out of fort stewart, georgia. >>> the first lady will attend the funeral of the murdered chicago teenager who performed at the president's inauguration. funeral services for hadiya pendleton will be held tomorrow. police say the drum majorette was talking with a group of friends last week when she was shot in the back by a stray bullet. so far, no arrests in this case. but it has brought renewed attention to chicago's high moderated and the debate over gun violence in america. >>> in the developing massive man hundred in california, a fire
caused the blast just ahead. >> it has been a relatively snow less winter here. other parts of the u.s. are still getting hammered by the snow. a look at the latest mid west storm and how white wonder delayed the first round. >> no real snow on the horizon here. but here's a live look outside. lots of sunshine this morning. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. we'll be right back. back. land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread? >>> make being headlines around the nation this morning, no word on what caused a deadly plane crash. happened around 8:00 last night. officials say the small jet was carrying 7 passengers when it ran off the edge of a run way. five people died. two others were hurt. >> kansas city now 6 people remained hospitalized after a gas explosion destroyed a restaurant. yesterday they found one body in the rubble. surveillance video caught the blast on camera. a contracting company caused a leak earlier in the day when a backhoe hit a
with the european leg in the tour ending on may 29th. then heads to the u.s. beginning in los angeles. she will perform right here in dc on july 29th at the verizon center. tickets go on sale on monday. >> during the last hour of the show on monday, i will be attempting to call in and get tickets. >> i want to go too. can you get it for several people? >> i have no special access. >> i mean when you do it. >> sure. >> i'll pay you later. >> gwen too. >> everyone is going. >> coming up next, you don't have to be a star to be in my show. husband and wife team join us again after the break to perform. you don't want to miss this. this. >> first though, making history, a big run. a whole lot of shoes and fun too. holly tells us if new world records were set this morning. >> and as we head to the break, here we go. another live look at downtown baltimore. thousands gathering for today's big celebration for the ravens. the cameraman is going crazy with excitement. does he know he's on the air? live check with tucker in just a little bit. >> and don't forget to send in your questions for ask alli
. the u.s. coast guard is in contact with the cruise liner. >> more pain at the pump. gas prices going up again. the average prices jumped 25 cents over the past two weeks. over the weekend, the average cost for a gallon of regular was 374 in dc. 359 in maryland and 345 in virginia. >> well, most cats don't seem to like water. but coming up next, we're showing you one kitty who loves ice. >> and ice wasn't enough to keep top designers from unveiling hottest trends. coming up, the run way to dc. we're going to explain that. she is back with a look at what's hot and what's not. stay with us. 9:24. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. >>> back now with dave the cat. his owner posted this youtube video of him watching a hockey game on tv. the cat apparently loves hockey and
overseas. an explosion at the u.s. embassy in turkey's capital. two people were killed, at least another wounded. >> emergency vehicles remain near the embassy at this time. the u.s. ambassador to turkey says a guard at the embassy gate was killed in addition to the bomber. the explosion did not appear to do damage inside the embassy. the compound is located in the same neighborhood as the french, german and several other embassies. >>> also breaking this morning out of new york, where former new york mayor ed koch has died from congestive heart failure. he had been in intensive care since wednesday, suffering from fluid in his lungs and legs. koch served as mayor for three terms from 1978 through 1989. he is credited with saving the city from financial ruin. ed koch was 88 years old. >>> checking our other top stories, former culpeper police officer heads back to court this morning, where a judge will decide whether to declare a mistrial in his case. daniel harmon wright was convicted earlier this week of killing an unarmed woman last year. his attorneys claim the jurors used a dictiona
by violence. >> in addition to gun control, the president also said he's withdrawing half the u.s. troops from afghanistan this year. a hike to $9. he's asked for that by 2015. and he wants to lower energy use to combat climate change. >>> the president also called for helping the middle class. this morning, republicans are dismissing it as nothing more than big government spend and going taxes. >> congressman are reacting to the speech. melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: a lot of these issues the president brought you are domestic issues and economic issues. many of those high interest to viewers here in the dc metro area. we did invite two of our local representatives to join us this morning. we're going to be speaking with representative rob whitman. thank you for coming. and also last minute you just made it, welcome represent john delaney. let me ask you gentleman both, in relation to the president's agenda, are we going to find compromise. first, you campaigned on compromise. are you going to be finding compromise with republicans? >> i think so. the overwhel
korea says the test was quote a first response to what it calls threats from the u.s. and warns it will continue with unspecified second and third measures of greater intensity if the united states maintains hostility. president obama calls the nuclear test quote highly provocative. the president says the danger posed by north korea's threatening activities warrants further swift and credible action by the community. in the next few minutes, the un security council will be holding a meeting to discuss this security crisis. >>> it is a big night ahead for the president. first state of the union speech of his second term. >> doug luzader is live with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president is expected to layout a pretty aggressive agenda tonight. one of the things to watch is the facial expressions of john boehner. the president melee out the battle lines between them. >>> the warm handshake at the podium is one thing. the specifics of the president's agenda may be something else. tonight's speech will be heavy on the economy. >> you will hear in the pre
a special visa for illegal immaterial grants allowing them to stay in the u.s. only those who have been convicted of less than three crimes and spent no more than a year in prison. a bipartisan deal is also in the works which would require full boarder security before pathway to citizenship is offered. >>> meanwhile, senator john mccain is speaking out about the delay to vote on the defense d secretary pick. republicans should stop stalling a vote despite a his belief that chuck hagel is not qualified to run the pentagon. >> making headlines around the region now, the investigation continues into a house fire in southeast that critically injuredt a little girl. g flames ripped through this home on 33rd street yesterday morning.ay the 4 year old girl remains in the hospital. a 2 year old boy and three adults were treated for minor injuries. the home's owner is charged with felony threats and simple assault. investigators say he made threats against one of the women living at that home while crews worked to put out the flames.t >>> police on the eastern shore are investigating the murder
this morning, traffic deaths in the u.s. surged last year. there were about 36,000 deadly crashes last year. that's up from beg your pardon 35,000 in 2011. first time in 7 years traffic deaths have gone up. officials believe the improving economy and mild winters could be why more people are driving. also could be texting while driving. >> speaking of which, a heads up for virginia drivers, a ticket for texting while driving could cost you a lot more. a bill was passed by the senate yesterday increasing fines to $250. second offense fines would start at $500. the legislation is now awaiting the governor's signature. the law would make texting while driving a primary offense. it means drivers can be pulled over and ticketed for texting. before drivers could only be cited if they were pulled over for another violation first. >> and dc law makers are tackling a traffic issue. the length of time yellow lights at intersections last. council member is spear heading the investigation into whether some yellow lights are shorter than others. set a standard for the lights despite the fact dc's depart
popular meat balls from european menu. what does that mean for stores here in the u.s.? plus, givening back. holly morris will join us live with a look at organization giving back to families for years. 8:22. we'll be right back . ♪ ♪ ♪ [ woman ] looks like another glorious week in florida. ♪ that...was...awesome. ♪ [ female announcer ] how do you make your family vacation this epic? go to visitflorida.com. >>> pope benedict has altered the rules of a conclave that will choose a successor. >> but as the cardinals arrive in rome, scandal is rocking the vatican. sarah simmons joins us live. >> a lot of controversy surrounding as he is stepping down. this latest break with tradition was as unexpected as the decision to retire. for the first time ever, a cardinal has recused himself from the conclave process. >> pope benedict xvi signed a special legal document clearing the way for cardinals to move up the start date. the normal 15 day transition period to start the process to choose a new pope was set in 1996 and could only be changed by another pope. it was one of pope benedict
if they are working with al-qaida. learning about a secret u.s. drone base first reported by the new york times. did not object to water boarding al-qaida terrorists though now he opposes that technique. >> fbi is combing over -- investigators have revealed they found two explosive devices on the suspect's property. one was in the ventilation pipe authorities were using to communicate with that man. the other was inside the bunker. dykes was killed by swat agents as they engaged in a fire fight as they stormed the bunker and rescued the boy. >> the murder case heads back to court in dc. a judge will hold a hearing to decide if the media should have documents related to secret hearings. the meetings allegedly focused on an issue with trial witness. convicted of killing levy back in 2010. >> also today a possible plea hearing for a man accused of shooting a security guard at the family research council this summer. floyd lee corkins is scheduled to appear. court papers show he and prosecutors were working on a plea deal. faces terrorism charges. officers say he had issues with the christian lobby poli
to get pack to port. the u.s. coast card is in contact. there are more than 4,000 people on that ship. >>> to california now, authorities say the three people killed in a helicopter crash were recording video for a new reality tv show. the chopper went down early sunday north of los angeles. discovery has not yet released any details about the show. the crash is still under investigation. >> president obama is awarding the medal of honor to a former army staff sergeant later this afternoon. clinton romecia is only the 4th living to receive the medal. >>> still ahead at 7:00, we will have more on the major breaking news today. pope benedict xvi announces he is resigning at the end of this month. this is a big shock and we will have much more this hour about it. >> also still to come, music's biggest night. a look back at the big winners and some of the most talked about moments of the grammies last night. the state of the union, we'll see what government workers want the white house to make a top priority. >> but first, a cap's come back? dave ross will join us live with a look at the
and to some extent, you. the u.s. department of energy twitter and the new york times, also the wall street journal. joining us with more on the cyber attacks and how to stop them is brian gunther. he is a partner with digital industry. that is an it firm in silver spring maryland right here at home. good morning. nice to see you this morning. >> thank you, allison. >> i made a point saying your company is right here at home. this thing though is worldwide. and that is indeed the threat to the computer. great thing and also be a gateway to bad things. >> absolute absolutely. the internet is a resource to access just about anything in the world. however, we also provided gateway for the bad guys to come to us. >> does your business busy itself with these cases or do you come to the aid of companies? >> we are an information technology firm. digital industry. and our objective is to help businesses with their technology and help them work better. we have absolutely been asked to come in and assess security situations and referred to as hardening an infrastructure or technology for a company f
in congress are weighing in. senator calls baltimore quote a world-class city with world-class fans. u.s. representative cummings said he's proud of the ravens for winning because they were under dogs and many commentators counted them out. the city will have a celebration parade tomorrow starting at city hall and ending at the raven's stadium. >> about 8:08 on this monday morning hchlt and new this morning, president obama hits the road to speak about gun control. the president meets later today with the police department's special operation's center. over the weekend, the white house released a photo of the president skeet shooting last summer saying the president is not against guns. one thing the president wants is background checks. something the nra says is a power grab. today the president is expected to touch on the proposals he talked about with presuperbowl interview. >> we can't have washington dysfunction getting in the way. >> it's all going to affect only the law abiding people. the criminals could careless. >> background checks focus on those who battle mental illness are
union is stronger. >> the president did make news promising 34,000 u.s. troops will leave afghanistan. but an appeal for more government spending, for education, infrastructure and doubling down on risky new energy program, all the while promising to be fiscally responsible. >> nothing i'm proposing should increase our deficit by a single dime. >> at the same time he called on congress to skirt the sequester. hit the pentagon in particular. his proposals for a $9 an hour minimum wage and new tax hikes signal more battles ahead by congressional republicans. he pressed for immigration reform and an audience that included the families of shooting victims, he pushed for more gun control measures. >> the families of newtown, deserve a vote. >> the republican response was delivered in spanish and english by a rising republican star. florida senator marco rubio. but zeroed in on the spending plans. >> i don't oppose your plans because i want to protect the rich. i don't oppose your plans because i want to protect my neighbors. >> that is an area where both sides seem to have some agreement.
's u.s. tour by an award winning research physicist. the photos were later found in his hollywood home. included are pictures of the band playing live. most photos and films of the band at that time in 1964 were in black and white. color film was more expensive. we know that but seen by some as a passing fad. the photos will go on sale at an auction in england on march 22nd which is the 50th anniversary of the release of the first beetles album please please me. >> get your ticket ready. get your money together. >> hopefully it won't go over $75. >> you are not going to get any of those. >>> american idol heads to hollywood this week. 250 hopeful contestants who hold the golden ticket will sing their little hearts out for a chance to continue in the competition. during hollywood week contestants will sing acapella. this year brings a new twist with girls and guys kept separately. and pressure isn't just high for the contestants but for the judges too. >> a lot of passionate arguing because it's hard to widdle it down. you pull for people. you believe in people . you want them to g
about $1.1 billion in profits in the u.s. last year and didn't pay one dime in taxes. the company is getting a refund of about -- wait for it -- $429 million. yeah. and it's all thanks to one tax deduction for executive stock options. the company gets to make deductions when employees cash in stock options. president obama is trying to get rid of similar tax loopholes but has never singled out facebook like he has with the oil and gas industry. >> just in time for tax season, the irs has own mobile app that can help you track the status of tax refund. it's called irs to go. allows users to get tax records. watch videos and get tips on topics. the app is a free download on google play or apple's app store. >>> thousands continue to clean up after friday's meteor explosion in russia. how some people are cashing in on the space rock. >> plus, dogs versus cats. we all know someone who likes one than the other right? talk disparaging thing about someone with too many cats. >> tucker says we're all hoarders. what makes us different. what makes us all the same. it's all in fun. we will t
. gross was convicted of spy handwriting and sent to prison. a group of u.s. officials led by senator patrick is also in cuba to see. it's not likely on this trip. gross's family says he is not in good health. >> coming up next, breaking color barriers. you may not recognize the name charles gittins. spend years protecting our president and the country. >> he visited a local school years back and inspired a dc teacher. wrote the biography called out from the shadow. joins us live after the break to talk about charles gittens incredible legacy. we'll be right back.  >>> we're back now with breaking news from prince william county virginia. these are live pictures coming to us from sky foxes where a truck has driven into the front of the home. it will well into the home as well. this is at the corner of cardinal drive and maybe choate court. the people bailed out after the accident but now all in custody. there's no word on whether anyone inside the home was hurt. if we get more information, we will bring it to you. this happening in dale city. a truck driving into
, a deal between american airlines and u.s. airways was announced this morning. creates the biggest airline in the world and should help american airlines at reagan national airport. but there are concerns that smaller cities could lose service. earlier this morning we spoke with aviation analyst derek jenkins. >> the only ones who do service are major airlines. south airlines flies in the no small cities. jet blue and spirit fly into a few. it's always been the major carriers that do smaller city service. it's a very big deal as american airlines will have a greater presence at reagan national. >> travellers won't notice immediate changes. likely to be months before the two airlines are fully integrated. >>> the situation on the stranded cruise liner in the gulf of mexico is going from worse to unbelievable. we are hearing horror stories from the more than 3,000 passengers. two moms with daughters age 10 and 12 say they called home crying hysterically. >> i do not know there are words that can describe the horror and the pain that i feel not being able to talk to my daughter. i haven't tal
alert from the defense secretary. leon panetta reportedly says the u.s. will leave between 8,000 and 12,000 troops in afghanistan after next year. the german defense minister told reporters this morning that panetta informed him of those numbers. the white house has not publicly said how many american troops will stay in afghanistan after 2014. >>> it's down to the wire on capitol hill. congress now has one week to strike a sequestration deal. without one, billions of dollars in spending cuts will take place march 1 and could affect millions of americans, including many jobs in the district and surrounding region. sherri ly joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: you can definitely say that the d.c. area is going to feel the pinch. the deadline next friday before those massive budget cuts known as sequestration would take place. both sides are talking, but in these final days it seems there's less negotiating and a lot more finger pointing. in the d.c. area we could see steep job losses and cuts because of the large federal workforce and government contractors. $1.2trillionin cuts o
insisting that the white house come clean on the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi in september. with evidence mounting, they say the president was disengaged. the president says all questions have been answered. >> this white house has stone walled, delayed and denied. nothing could be further from the truth about us not running out of questions. what is true is he won't answer any. >> it's shocking that my republican colleagues would leave the nation without a secretary of defense with all the things we have going on in the world, including a war. >> hagel's nomination is expected to eventually get through. republicans say they will not block an up or down vote after they get back from vacation in 10 days. >>> today president obama heads to chicago to continue pushing economic reforms he laid out in his state of the union address earlier this week. before he leaves the white house, the president will honor 18 americans with the presidential citizens medal. that is the second highest civilian honor. six of the medals will be given to the adults killed in the newtown, connecticu
and an iranian nuclear weapon. >>> meantime, the president of afghanistan is accusing u.s. special forces of torture and is ordering all american troops out of an important province. he wants soldiers responsible for abusing afghans to be handed over to his government. the pentagon is rejecting the claims, but is taking them seriously and says it will investigate the facts surrounding these claims. >>> in the meantime, the new secretary of state is in london this morning. he met with his british counterpart and sat down with prime minister david cameron. london is his first stop on a trip that will take him to nine countries. syria is dominating his agenda, but it's not clear if he'll sit down with syrian rebels. after his european visit, he heads to the middle east. >>> new this morning, a major announcement from the vatican. pope benedict xvi has signed off on moving the date of the conclave forward. the pope says it can begin sooner if all the cardinals are in rome. typically, the process to choose a new pope does not begin until 15 days after a pope dies or leaves office. >>> meanwhil
in zimmermann's. >> today the u.s. supreme court takes up the question of dna sampling to help solve crimes. the justices will hear arguments who want police to have the power of dna samples from people who have been arrested but not convicted. 28 states and the federal government already do this. it is unconstitutional. the justices will make a final decision in a case later this year achlt >>> one of the nobel prize medals on aring the discovery of dna structure is up for sale. three men played crucial roles in 1963. the family of one of those men is auctioning the medal he received in 1962 as well as other items. a portion of the proceeds will go towards research institutions in the united states. he passed away in 2004. >> do you ever look at the clock and think it's okay i'll still get fire hours of sleep. -- five hours of sleep. find out how one or two hours less a night could be hurting you. >> stylish boots that protect your everyday shoes. and the trendy new way to make new friends and try new cuisine. laura evans shows us what could be the 9:10. hey! did you know that honey nut ch
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